1. Perfect Timing


As I was walking home late one night,
To my hotel suite,
She came up on my right and sighed,
Flipped a smile at me.
I said something to break the ice,
Said she needed some good advice,
I said, "Baby just close your eyes and leave the rest to me."
We've gotta time the dive
For when the tide breaks right
In a pool of love,
We're gonna splash all night.
Come on now you ain't seen nothing yet
I better show you this
one more time,
to make sure that you won't forget,
This thing that they call love takes perfect timing
Oh baby let there be no doubt about it.
Next morning I looked around surprised as I could be.
She was nowhere to be found
I must be having a dream.
Until I turned my eyes to see
A note lying there next to me.
Picked it up..."It would seem," said she, "there's more where that came from."
Put a spell on me.
Then set me free.
One thing for sure,
What more could you ask for?
We both know what is will always be,
We should be thankin' our lucky stars,
"Cause any fool can clearly see,
This thing that they call love
Takes perfect timing
Baby let there be no doubt about it.