The three-piece band, Kicking A Dead Horse was formed in 2002 in Rangeley, Maine. Drummer, Augie Corica and bass player, Adrian James had been playing together and collaborating on songs, in one band or another, since 1981 when they got together with guitarist/vocalist Frank Linx in Connecticut to form a group called The Doctors. Although The Doctors seemed to be overflowing with potential, the groups future was cut short when Frank decided to move to the west coast. However, his spot was soon filled by New York legend, Tim DeHuff, and the future once again looked bright. The "new" Doctors played and recorded for the next couple of years attracting some major interest in NYC. They had a contract with a big management company, a record contract on the table and a video production agreement with Broadway Video. After filming their first video and recording the tracks for their first major release everything seemed to be going great. But then some disagreements between the production and management companies over who was going to get what resulted in a bunch of lawsuits until the band wasn't even allowed to play live.  Sadly, the Doctors had to call it quits and they headed in different directions in order to survive. It would be years before the band would perform together again. One of their favorite places to play while they were together, was at a ski resort up in Rangeley, Maine. In fact they had developed an almost legendary status and were adopted as favorites of the town. Augie ended up living there and started playing drums for another local favorite, Tom Ball. Tim DeHuff found his way to Bermuda and did quite well on Hawkins Island with the Limbo King! Adrian floated around Boston and New York before finally ending up in Cleveland, Ohio with an outfit called Setter / James. Then in 1998 Augie called Adrian and told him about Mike Blythe, a guitarist who also lived in Rangeley. Eventually Adrian made it up to Maine and the three got together to start writing some new songs. The chemistry was perfect so a new band was born!

The band set up a make-shift studio

During one rather spirited rehearsal Augie managed to put the bass drum beater through the bass drum head! Someone made the comment about kicking a dead horse and someone else said something about it being like the music business! Hey, great name for a band. (Except nobody gets it!) But they kept it anyway. Oh yeah, the cover photo of the cd, (which to date only one person has figured out), is actually a picture of the kick drum! So there you have it. Now listen to some music!