From the recording From Where I Sit

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From Where I Sit
By: Frank Linx (copyright 2004)
From the album: Where To Now?
By: Six of One (formerly; Kicking A Dead Horse)
Drums - Augie Corica
Electric Guitars - Mike Blythe, Tim DeHuff
Bass, acoustic, vocals - Adrian

Recorded at Doll House Studios
Rangeley, Maine


From Where I Sit
lyrics by: Frank Linx (& Adrian J)

Sitting, teas in the kettle.
Wishing things would get settled.
Day by day,
Life isn't real anymore.
Thinking is accidental,
The feeling is transcendental,
And here I sit,
Staring at four walls.
Everybody's that way.
From where I sit,
That's all the way there is.
Smoking...cigarette murder.
Thinking I must've got further.
I turned around,
To see how I've gotten nowhere, really.
Seeing life before me,
Facing the same old story,
I stand my ground.
Won't let it bring back old memories.
Everybody's that way,
From where I sit that's all the way,
There is.....
And like a sweet dream,
Deep pools of sorrow's drowning.
To each his own,
To me, life isn't real anymore.
Messed up beyond repair,
I'll go on as though I cared much more,
Than I ever did.
Everybody's that way,
Everybody's that way,
Everybody's that way.
From where I sit that's all there is.