1. Sugar Pie

From the recording Sugar Pie

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Sugar Pie - from the album Where To Now?
By: Six of One. (formerly: Kicking A Dead Horse) copyright 2004
Drums - Augie Corica
Guitar - Mike Blythe
Sound effects - Mike Blythe
Additional guitar, Tim DeHuff
Bass & Vocals - Adrian

R.I.P Shorty, (the little sparrow for whom this song was written)


Sugar Pie. lyrics by: Adrian
Sugar Pie, Sugar Pie,
Sugar Pie, don't know why.
Guess that settles that.
I looked outside,
Seen Shorty go by.
He got his-self a butterfly
Hanged up by his neck.
He got crooked eye,
His mama cry, "He coulda' won the Nobel Prize! But they stole his refund check...
Sing; Sugar Pie, Sugar pie
Sugar Pie don't know why.
Guess that settles that.
(Mikey Blythe solo)
Fruits' on the vine,
Friends are fine.
They stop in one at a time,
To talk about this or that.
And when they go,
Wheels they roll,
Find yourself all alone,
Settin' by a railroad track.
Sing: Sugar Pie, Sugar Pie,
Sugar Pie don't know why,
Guess that settles that.