1. Where To Now

From the recording Where To Now

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Where To Now (copyright 2004)
From the album, Where To Now
by Six Of One
(formerly known as Kicking Dead Horse)
Drums - Augie Corica
Guitar - Tim DeHuff
Keyboards - Jimmy Austin
Bass and vocals - Adrian
Recorded at Doll House Studios, Rangeley Maine


Where To Now? lyrics by: Adrian

Words can't kill the beast,
Closing in on me.
No way over, no way under,
Hurts so bad,
My God, I wonder...
Where to now? Where to Now?
Leaves have turned to gold.
The sad story's told.
Once the love that found us lost us,
Could not see our way across, just...
Where to now? Where to now?
Gonna' stop being afraid of my shadow,
And deal with this pain in my heart.
Gotta' give up on workin' for nothing,
And get myself together,
Before I fall apart.
Once the wheels are set in motion,
Deep blue seas for blind devotion.
Where to Now?
Words can't kill the beast,
Deep inside of me.
Roads are down that crossed the valley,
No way around won't someone tell me,
When will I forget the sorrow,
Say goodbye and face tomorrow?
Where to now?
Where to now?